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The "Stato dei Presidi", due to its important strategic position in the "Alto Tirreno" (High Tirrenian Sea), was a well noted military base.
From here many rulers and conquerors troughout history have been able to control and influence the states and seas of central Italy.

Initally, the promonotory of Argentario, including Orbetello, Porto Ercole and Santo Stefano together with its immediate mainland between Talamone and Ansedonia, formed part of the acient and famous municipality that later became "Signoria" and eventually Republic of Siena, including Longone, known today as Porto Azzuro on Elba insland.

The "Stato dei Presìdi" was founded in 1557 and remained geographically unchanged until 1801. having had an eventful past, it often found itself being the centre of not only local but also national and European historical events.

"Visiting for away lands and conversing with different people renders men wise." (M. De Cervantes)

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